Posintra's future workshop: Utilizing drama to acquire the skills for tomorrow's success!

Can our vast future databank become alive through drama? In June, we piloted a future workshop with Posintra Oy and drama coach Tiina Heikka. Minna from Posintra shares her experiences, read more from our blog!

On a June morning, Posintra's office in the center of Porvoo had an excited atmosphere. Posintra develops the vitality and competitiveness of Eastern Uusimaa region through helping its customers to recognize and understand changes in the operating environment. Looking ahead is a familiar everyday job for them. However, there was now a different way for them to immerse themselves in the landscape of change - drama.

Posintra's business developer Minna Kajaste was responsible for the day's arrangements at Posintra.

Understanding change is in the core of our workshop. What role does it play at Posintra, Minna?

Our tasks include comprehensive understanding and development of the business environment. We do this work with the help of various pilot-like development projects and by helping our customers develop their business. In our work, we meet hundreds of companies or those who plan to become entrepreneurs every year, and we also operate in a wide variety of regional development networks. We are constantly scouting directions and signals that we can or should follow as a region. It is therefore really important for us to stay one step ahead and understand the direction in which the world and operating environment is developing.  

What got you excited in the dramatic future workshop?

It was exciting to start trying to absorb this knowledge in a new way. I also knew that there is a huge amount of information in the background. Our role is to be pioneers, it's even part of our organisation's values. We want to test our own limits, push ourselves and throw ourselves into new situations.

How did the workshop go?

The workshop provided a very rewarding and useful way for us to learn how to throw ourselves into new situations. At the beginning, we familiarized ourselves with the signals and forcces of change with the help of the 2030 Futurizer model. The model and presentation were the clearest and most approachable way to provide this information that I've ever seen. After that, we delved into the changing landscape in more detail in different themed rooms, whose posters and maps opened up the landscape from a certain point of view. These maps and materials received a lot of praise after the workshop. The aspect of drama came along in the form of versatile and fun tasks. We haven't laughed so much together in a long while!

Do you think this kind of workshop is suitable for everyone - even for a rigid engineer?

Of course, someone among were wondering in advance what would come out of this (laughter). However, everyone threw themselves in and was happy with the workshop. Some were tickled by the factual side and e.g. the opportunity to delve into the extensive material in more detail beforehand and afterwards. But it's only good and there's always a chance to go deeper.  

What did you get from the workshop?

Combining creativity and facts worked really well and also brought something entirely new to the table. It's also something genuinely different. During the workshop, numerous ideas emerged and also concrete tasks and dext steps for us to take on. In addition, we made our own 2030 map on the wall, which we immediately started working on.

Based on this experience, for what use would you recommend this workshop?

A very versatile possibility of use, for sure. Different development days at least, but also, for example, for starting product development, and for planning and starting a change project. It's especially good if you want to focus on the future change, laughing and team building at the same time. The layering of the content is also good - it's easy to go deeper into what you're doing.

The 2030 Futurizer developed by Valo Future is a data-based and gamified platform for future-proof strategy and tomorrow's services as well as bold actions. It is widely used for consulting projects to support new innovations and coaching training. Read more. 

Valo Future produces the dramatic future workshops with the change and drama coach Tiina Heikka.

Posintra Oy Is a development company committed to improving the vitality and competitiveness of Eastern Uusimaa region.

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