Is your development project sluggish? 5 tips to get results

In addition to being effective, can development projects also be inspiring - or even fun? Read how and why we gamified business and customer experience development, as well as our five tips to get results.

Important development projects are easily large in size and therefore might clog up the processes and cost a fortune - and often you still can't really see any progress. Add to the equation the general world situation and the complicated operating environment, as well as people's fatigue from constant change. Huh, sighs many.

It's no wonder that renewal is now often laborious and difficult. At the same time, however, it is also more necessary right now than perhaps ever before. In an increasingly complex world, the most important thing is to be able to be one step ahead: identify your own vision of the future, renew services, build customers a charming customer experience and get everyone involved.

"Can you do something really fast and agile? But so that we get results right away and everyone gets involved in this thing. We are not capable of anything big right now." - Customer

We at Valo set out to meet this need of being one step ahead by developing new approaches. Our long consulting background helped us to see the challenges of organizations, where we wanted to be of even better help than before. In addition, we wanted to provide comprehensive information in an easy way as a platform so that businesses can use it themselves.

Futurizer was born. Futurizer is a new kind of approach, a platform of sort for shaping a successful tomorrow. Along with comprehensive datasets, it utilizes stimulating methods, such as gamification. However, Futurizer is not a game, but a tool for bold actions and visible results.

So why did we gamify business development? Because without a clear goal, shared energy and clear steps, no results will be produced.

- How to work miracles in your organization

1. Have a bright vision This may seem obvious, but it is not. Surprisingly few organizations have a clear vision of what kind of customer experience they want or what kind of services are planned for tomorrow. Without a clear goal, it is impossible to win.

2. Proceed with microsteps
When the vision or goal state is clear, you can identify just a few key next actions. Just focus on them. One roll at a time.

3. Excite and inspire
A change project cannot be just something dictated from above or bombarding meeting invitations. If you want something to really change, do it and get inspired together. Shared energy ignites the internal fire.

4. Challenge with knowledge - more than your rivals
Constantly challenge the set goal and tasks with information. Customer understanding is critical, but it alone is not enough to stay one step ahead. What are the drivers of change telling us? How are customer expectations changing internationally? What are the teachings of others? 

5. Celebrate successes
Did you get a thank you message from the customers? Party up! In large projects, the main focus is often on challenges, problems or critical feedback. They need to be taken care of, but still prioritize the successes. Even the small ones. 

Futurizer contents and methods cover two big entities: developing the customer experience and building future sustainability. In the background, there is a huge amount of information and continuous research. In accordance with our own teachings, the contents and methods are used in an agile manner, from individual inspiring workshops, to coaching, consulting and comprehensive work. Want to hear more? Check out our Futurizer page!

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