Welcome to the future!

Hito Steyerl - This is the Future - Venice Art Biennale 2019

Imagine being able to see the future, into the year 2030.

Do people prefer sustainability over convenience? Has listening replaced reading? Has new tech enhanced our lives and businesses – or quite the contrary? 

None of us can of course predict future precisely. But what we already know for certain is that year 2030 will look very different from today. According to estimations, the consumer and citizen landscape will change more in the next ten years than in the last 30 years. 

During the next ten years the Fourth Industrial Revolution will continue to transform entire systems of production, distribution and consumption. Businesses and socities will face totally new kind of challenges and opportunities. Megatrends such as globalization, aging, urbanization, digitalization and climate change will continue to remold our world.

In 2030 people will expect more transparency, empowerment, and co-creation than is currently even possible.

At the same time new tech will empower people to a degree never seen before. Interestingly, in the midst of a tech revolution we are heading to a more human centric world.  Thriving businesses will be human centric, instead of plain customer-centric. 

The most successful products and services of the year 2030 likely don’t exist today

The mission of Valo Future is to shed light on the journey to the future, bringing deep understanding of the human behaviour & future drivers and creating actionable tools to support future-proof innovations today. 

Stay tuned to hear more about the new Valo during Spring 2020.

Picture: This is the Future by Hito Steyerl