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"Let's make Finland a model country for aging"

"A good old age is not built with nitty-gritty regulations but by turning our attention to the elderly," Eva Korkiamäki sums up, the organization director of the Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People. Eva, who has held company management positions for a long time, now wants to make Finland a model country for aging. Read how this could be achieved from Eva's interview.


Are international organizations able to regenerate fast enough?

Valo's Senni Alho attended the latest UN Environment Assembly as a Youth Delegate and found that the organization still requires regeneration:

"The UN Environment Program needs to make a rather radical change if it plans to achieve more on environmental issues in the next decade than it has in the last 50 years of its existence."

Read about Senni’s experiences and thoughts from the trip to Nairobi from the blog.