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CX Futurizer Toolbox


The CX Futurizer Toolbox is a new “magic box” for every customer experience developer. It is backed up by vast amounts of knowledge and best lessons from businesses and consultants who have mastered customer experience - all packaged into fun and inspiring tools and gamified workshops. It includes insightful cards, canvases, discussion maps, and a 72-page handbook for engaging workshops, as well as optional online-tools.

The CX Toolbox is your easy-to-use guide in creating a successful and future-proof customer experience

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1 VISION Set a long-term direction by understanding the rising expectations of the customers
2 STATUS Describe the customer and map the current journey
3 GOAL Create a plan to impress the customers
4 ACTION Identify action points and turn goals into metrics
5 KEEP IT ACTIVE Continuously develop, inspire and engage

Supplement the Toolbox with helpful Online Tools or a Train-the-Trainer experience (1 h). You can also order more Customer Experience Maps if needed.


Easy instructions

  • Visual manual, 72 pages. Easy instructions for the tools and inspiring gamified workshops.

Insight and inspiration cards to challenge your choices

  • CX Futurizer cards, 3 stacks for group work
    The rising expectations of the customers and how to respond to them
  • Stay one step ahead. Most common gain & pain points
  • Empty cards for own pain & gain points
  • Internal checklists: Customer insight, technology, culture, metrics

Tools for designing and planning

  • Easy sketch versions and templates for describing the goal, gathering customer insight and mapping the experience, 5 templates (copyable)
  • Workshop tools: Sticky notes for ideas and action, stickers for prioritizing and status

Our plan to impress the customers

  • The Customer Experience map, large 125 x 90 cm, includes actions and metrics
  • The Customer experience map, small 105x50 cm
    Order more maps at discounted price

+ EXTRAS (Additional cost)


  • Plan and report online: Powerpoint templates
  • Collaborate online: Inspiration cards and the Customer Experience Map to be used in your Miro platform*. Easy to edit and reuse as often as needed.

TRAIN THE TRAINER -SESSION, 1 hrPersonal online-training with our coach

*Miro (http://www.miro.com) is a commonly used platform for easy collaboration. The customer gets the right to use the CX Futurizer template, cards, and map as ready-made icons, in his/her company's Miro. The customer is responsible for the use of Miro as a “Third-party” service and possible Miro license costs. We recommend a paid Miro license for data protection and privacy.

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 6 cm


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