2030 Futurizer Toolbox


2030 Futurizer is solid platform for a bright vision and services of tomorrow.
It's is a unique approach which integrates human and customer insight, signals of change, and captures both the organization's wisdom and potential.

2030 Futurizer provides a comprehensive view forward, aiming to decomplexify reality. It is based on extensive meta-analysis, megatrend scanning, opportunity mapping, and continuous scanning and foresight work. The manual is based on over 700 sources.

Futurizer inspires toward a shared vision by utilizing gamification, design methods, prototyping, and collaboration.

A comprehensive view of the changing world - a visual manual, 104 pages

  • Understand the overall view from macro to micro level: Disruptive transformations | New actors and rules | Changing work and community | People's voices and needs
  • 30 signals of change, 200+ opportunities to embrace and threats to prevent
  • Inspire and challenge your thinking

Insight and inspiration cards to challenge your choices

  • 2030 Futurizer cards: 30 signals of change, and the trends and threats behind them (2 stacks)

Tools for designing and planning

  • Templates for designing actions and a bold view forward, 2 pcs (can be copied)
  • Workshop tools: Sticky notes for ideas and action, stickers for prioritizing and status

Our comprehensive vision as a basis of the strategy

  • A compiling 2030 Futurizer Map 4 pcs, including your own plan for a future-proof strategy

A strong foundation for strategy and tomorrow's services

  • Inspiring Futurizer online platform
  • Immersive and gamified workshops
  • A personalized and visualizing 2030 Futurizer Map
  • Personalized future scanning and innovation platforms



Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 6 cm

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