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Inspiring methods & innovative insights

Valo Future, founded in 2020, is a new era strategic agency. We offer inspiring tools for designing a successful tomorrow. We help you in consultative projects, provide best customer insight and foresight, and offer impactful workshops and coaching.

Use us whenever you want

  • Better understand signals of change and rising expectations
  • Pave the way for a future-proof strategy
  • Build or boost up a winning customer experience
  • Design tomorrow's successful services
  • Spark inspiration and build up internal competence

Our customers

Valo Future was founded in 2020, and after the product and service development phase the company started operations in 2021. We are proud to say that our customer base already includes a variety of organizations from large and well-known companies to startups, as well as actors from the public sector. They all share the desire to renew their thinking and doing.

Some of our customers: YTK, Sanoma, Hartela, K-Rauta, Alva-yhtiöt, Helsingin Yliopisto, ELY-keskus, Martat, Soste, Vanhustyön Keskusliitto.

We believe in

We believe in inspiring methods and instantly visible results. We utilize our large database and continuous scanning and foresight in all our work. We know the best ways to study tomorrow's phenomena and the changing needs of customers. We consult, coach, and inspire everyone to join.

Clear and shared vision

Bright vision, future and customer experience maps, innovation platforms

Solid foundation

Insight and foresight, research and scanning projects

Co-creation & collaboration

Engagement, gamified methods, design methods

Instantly visible results

Action points and roadmaps. Agile methods.

We are also developing new tools and methods. Futurizer is a unique approach to design a successful tomorrow. It integrates the signals of change, customer insight, and the organization’s potential, thus creating a solid platform for a bright vision, tomorrow´s services, or a winning customer experience.

Futurizer tools already exist for creating a winning customer experience, as well as for designing a future-proof strategy. In addition, we offer a toolbox that is available for the independent use of customer experience developers, CX Futurizer.


Design a winning customer experience

How can we exceed our customers’ expectations? 
How does a CX vision come alive in our actions ?

 Get your hands on our inspiring and impactful tools for developing the customer experience, valuable insights, and inspiring views of customers' growing expectations. Design a CX map for your organization.

How to measure Customer Experience


Create a bold vision for the future

How will the world and our operating environment change by 2030? 
What should we do to stay one step ahead of change? 

Implement an inspiring view of the changing world into your strategy process, development projects, or to help you advance your organization's futures thinking. Design a future map for your organization.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Lincoln