Communication agency Kaiku: Futurizers workshop to support strategy implementation

How can creative yet concrete results be produced with the help of a workshop? Read about the Futurizers workshop conducted for Kaiku and how it supported the implementation of their growth strategy.

Growth strategy into reality as the operating environment changes

Kaiku Group is an international communications agency founded in 2012, which ranks among the largest in Finland. Kaiku offers its customers both communication consulting and outsourced implementations, and is specialized in strategic communication and coaching.

Kaiku has expanded rapidly in recent years after buying the Cocomms communications agency in spring 2021, and the company's growth strategy has undergone an update. Valo's Futurizer game supported Kaiku in identifying ways to implement their growth strategy – by adapting to the changing operating environment.

When is the last time your organization has paused for a while and applied future-thinking?

"When is the last time your organization has paused for a while and applied future-thinking?We believe that we must look not only at the past and the present, but also boldly at the opportunities and threats of the future."

This is how communication agency Kaiku describes its strategic approach to world changes after the workshop. But what really happened in the Futurizer game?

Immersive game and extensive knowledge base to support insights

The Futurizer game brings extensive knowledge content, game-based methods and the entire staff together to an exciting challenge. The method has been found to be especially suitable for supporting strategy, in which case the goal of the game and the end results are connected to the company's goals.

The mission of Kaiku's workshop was to identify the company's current strengths, emerging opportunities and imminent threats - and to describe Kaiku's activities in relation to these when looking back from the year 2026.

Kaikuans were pondering the following questions: 

"Which factors and forces will affect the changes between the next 5-10 years?"

"What strengths do we have now, and what strengths do we need to achieve our goals?"

"What new methods of operation should we adopt?"

In the online platform of the Futurizer game, ideas were wrote down from the point of view of strengths, new ideas and threats.

Thank you Valo for a thought-provoking workshop!

As a result, Kaiku gathered internally recognized ideas and directions for implementing their growth strategy. The future room game also made it possible to initiate future-oriented thinking among the Kaiku people, as well as to strengthen the team spirit as remote work has brought new challenges in the sphere.

"Thank you Valo for a thought-provoking workshop as a part of the Kaiku 2023 kick-off day!"

Kaiku's recipe for success in the year 2026 was shaped in the gamified workshop.

Read more about the work of communication agency Kaiku from here.

Tiitta Vaulos

Project lead, Future strategist, CEO

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