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Future lab: insight & foresight

Valo’s Future Lab constantly scans for signals of change & trends, studies behavioral change, and spots new opportunities.

We want to provide the best possible insights in an agile and inspiring way. We create inspirational tools to help our customers to understand drivers of change, and to be able to generate and utilize these insights right away. 

Our extensive future data bank enables every project to have a solid foundation from the very beginning. The generated future insights are also directly available in our gamification workshops and trainings.

The best tomorrow is built today

The future is not something that happens, but rather it is built by every action happening today. It is therefore often useful to think of the future as a prototype. The future is then seen as a constantly enriching vision of tomorrow. What kind of innovations will we see in the future? What kind of future are we building for ourselves as a company? What kind of customer experience will we believe will take place in in 3 or 5 years?

Future orientation is part of every project we have

Future orientation is currently a critical ability for organizations. To be one step ahead, you must think about tomorrow – and act today. That's why future insight is a natural part of everything we do. It deepens customer understanding and helps create a winning customer experience, design successful services and a future-proof strategy.

Examples of signals of change & trends

Our scanning includes hundreds of trends, opportunities and threats to consider for 2030.

Insight & foresight services

See further - Stand out by having deep insights on the future


  • Future maps
  • Future and trend reports
  • Gamification future workshops
  • Future design

See deeper - Understand your customers

  • Changing needs and rising expectations
  • In-depth customer research
  • Designing customer experience with the customers


Create a bold vision for the future

How will the world and our operating environment change by 2030? 
What should we do to stay one step ahead of the change? 

The 2030 Futurizer provides an inspiring view of the changing world that you can implement into your strategy process or development projects, and to advance your organization’s futures thinking.

2030 Futurizer model simplified megatrends

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Future & Business Strategist
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