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CX Futurizer® makes developing customer experiences easy, inspiring, and impactful. This new kind of insight-based, participatory tool kit crystallizes a vast number of the latest insights and learnings from success cases and leads to a concrete and actionable plan forward.

The methods and inspiring content, developed by Valo Future, are in use in our customer experience consultation and insight projects, trainings, and are also available as ready-made workshops and as a toolbox.

Insight + gamification + actionable outcomes

CX Futurizer methods are suitable for both defining and refining the customer experience. They help to advance customer-centricity whether you are in an advanced state or a beginner. When necessary, additional customer insight is gathered during the process.

An essential part of Futurizer is to inspire and challenge towards making future-proof choices. CX Futurizer challenges you to take a step further by, for instance, providing insight on customers' growing expectations and the ways of responding to them.

The concept is based on over 100 sources, 70 cases, and also, experts from different fields have contributed to its creation.

If you need any help defining or refining a winning customer experience, please be in contact.

Ready-made gamification CX workshops

Map a winning customer experience

Toolbox for your own use

A Ready-to-use Toolbox for every Customer Experience Developer 

From our customers

CX Workshops

"I am so glad we chose you!"

The implementation was completely unique, your concept is very well thought out. We would be happy to recommend you to others!

The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) Management & staff workshops

CX Toolbox

"Absolutely recommend! Wow!"

When I got my hands on the Toolbox, it felt a bit like Xmas was coming. I have to say, the first experience was like "Wow"! It has all the essential steps and elements that you need to develop a winning customer experience. These tools help all customer experience managers.

Enable strategy

Transfer customer centricity and customer strategy into an inspiring and shared customer experience vision.

Be agile

Continuously develop customer experience. Prototype new services together with customers.


Brainstorm ideas and pilot cases. Prioritize impactful actions. Define KPIs.

Engage everyone

Urge everyone to take part. Engage and inspire through games. Increase your own capabilities.

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Ready-made gamification CX workshops

Inspire | Engage | Make an impact

CX Futurizer Compass

How we meet our customers' growing expectations

Goal: Tighten and brighten your own goal

  • Growing customer expectations – CX future compass
  • Cases: How do successful actors respond to rising expectations
  • Designing a winning customer experience

Duration 2,5 h. Gamification methods & strategic content. 

Customer experience design

Mapping a winning customer experience

Goal: To shape your own customer experience using your own knowledge and enriching Futurizer content

  • One step ahead – How we meet growing expectations
  • Identify the gain and pain points of the current experience (option: customer interviews)
  • Map your own goal experience and wow moments
  • Let's turn it into an actionable plan

Duration: 2 X 3 h. Gamification methods & strategic content. The result is your own CX map as a poster.

A toolbox for your own use

"Absolutely recommend! Wow!"

The customer experience developer’s Toolkit, CX Futurizer, is a completely new “magic box” for developers of customer experience.

It includes inspiring tools, canvases, maps, and a 72-page handbook for engaging workshops. 

The toolbox is in active use in a diverse range of businesses, organizations, and public sector actors. Do you want to join in?  

Online & offline

CX Futurizer customer experience
CX Futurizer customer experience

When the world changes, the tools must change as well.

Valo Future CX Futrizer Customer Experience Map

Explore CX cases

Alva: CX Futurizer in constant use

"Absolutely recommend!"
This is how the customer experience manager of Alva, Kaisa Lepistö, summarizes her experiences with the CX Futurizer. With the help of the toolbox, Kaisa develops the B2B and B2C customer experiences at Alva.

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Customer experience revolution

Discover the drivers behind changing customer experience, the rising expectations and ways to respond to them. Get inspired with the visual content and printable materials!