Valo Future's CX Futurizer toolbox is going global

The CX Futurizer Toolbox is designed for organizations looking to refine and execute a winning customer experience strategy.

The novel concept combines collaboration, comprehensive insight, and gamification methods in a unique way. The easy-to-use toolbox includes valuable hands-on tools needed in developing customer experience internally.

“There has been a yearning for collaboration in many organizations already before the global pandemic, and this need has since multiplied. The power of co-creation also arises from the latest learnings of change management. We thus decisively wanted to create tools to be used together, stored in a physical box, instead of another online tool”, says the CEO of Valo Future, Tiitta Vaulos.

“The best insight is scattered, the organization's own customer understanding is often hidden in the files, and internal collaboration is rare. We want to bring them all together.”

The founders of the Helsinki-based Valo Future have an extensive background in customer experience consultation as well as in customer insight and foresight. Finland has also been internationally recognized for its significant know-how in using design methods for business development.

“Our aim with this new concept is to gamify business development and bring best insight and skills into an accessible format so that all organizations can benefit from them, with a reasonable cost.”, Vaulos says.

The CX toolbox brings together the best insights and company’s own understanding

The CX toolbox crystallizes wide insight from more than 100 sources and over 70 international cases and includes several sets of inspiration cards, checklists, canvases, maps, design methods, and instructions for engaging workshops in a 72-page manual.

The result is often a concrete and actionable plan forward, a visual CX steering map on the wall, but the tools can also be used in every day quick needs to inspire towards customer-centric choices.

“The best insight is scattered on the internet and in books, the organization's own customer understanding is often hidden in the files, and internal collaboration is rare. We want to bring them all together and make development both fun and effective.”

The toolbox has been used in a diverse range of businesses, organizations, and public sector actors in Finland and is now available globally in an English version.  

“To be one step ahead, to futurize your CX strategy, it’s important to understand people’s rising expectations and learn from the frontline actors, not only from your field.”

Get to know more about CX Futurizer Toolbox for your own organization's use and order your own toolbox!

The CX toolbox in English will be available for global sales in September 2022 starting from 450 €. The Futurizer® tools, developed by Valo Future, are designed to help all organizations build a successful tomorrow based on wide insight and foresight.

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