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Inspiration | Changes in the operating environment

Dive into megatrends

How are the operating environment, organizations, societies and people changing? Watch the introduction video.

The video is utilized in our 2030 Futurizer Workshops and Future Games as an introduction. Contact us if you want to hear more!

The future doesn't happen - it is created

What are the trends, opportunities and threats in the air today? Explore a sample from our extensive data set.

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2030 Futurizer provides a solid platform for a bright vision and tomorrow´s services. Through eight windows the model offers a comprehensive view forward, aiming to decomplexify reality. The constantly updated model is based on over 700 sources and continuous scanning.

Our visualized database is widely used in our workshops, demanding insight and foresight projects and inspiring and engaging strategy days.

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Do you know societal change?

Do you think you know how humanity has changed over the last decades? Put your knowledge to test!

Are you a pioneer?

Do you think you might have some traits of a forerunner? Find out!

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What does our tomorrow look like? Nine interesting trends

The Milan Triennial Exhibition has often correctly anticipated emerging trends. The Venice Art Biennale has also always wanted to open humanity's perspectives forward. What did these two famous international exhibitions reveal about our tomorrow now, in the midst of global crises? A lot of exciting things.

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2030 trend: Digital employee experience

Most organizations are already focusing on employee experience, but forget the hassle and pain that employees might be facing with the increasing number of digital tools at workplace. This is about to change with the rise of Digital employee experience, DEX.

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How to thrive in a VUCA world

How to respond to a changing world and build a successful tomorrow? The solution is not to gather more information, reports and data. But then what? The path to my own learning starts with a big failure.

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Are international organizations able to regenerate fast enough?

Valo's Senni Alho attended the latest UN Environment Assembly as a Youth Delegate and found that the organization still requires regeneration:

"The UN Environment Program needs to make a rather radical change if it plans to achieve more on environmental issues in the next decade than it has in the last 50 years of its existence."

Read about Senni’s experiences and thoughts from the trip to Nairobi from the blog.

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Design the best future

Building a solid foundation for strategy and a clear vision forward

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Future Game: What is ahead of us in 2030

Inspiring and supporting bold future thinking

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