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Please note that our blogs, when written in Finnish, are often translated into English by a robot. We are sorry for any inconvenience. The future is already here – but the robots still have a few miles to go to catch up.  


What does our tomorrow look like? Nine interesting trends

The Milan Triennial Exhibition has often correctly anticipated emerging trends. The Venice Art Biennale has also always wanted to open humanity's perspectives forward. What did these two famous international exhibitions reveal about our tomorrow now, in the midst of global crises? A lot of exciting things.

Future Maker

"Let's make Finland a model country for aging"

"A good old age is not built with nitty-gritty regulations but by turning our attention to the elderly," Eva Korkiamäki sums up, the organization director of the Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People. Eva, who has held company management positions for a long time, now wants to make Finland a model country for aging. Read how this could be achieved from Eva's interview.


What is Futurizer?

Valo Future has developed a new concept for designing a successful tomorrow. But what is it in practice? Let's find out by interviewing Tiitta Vaulos, the CEO of Valo Future.