Achieving Strategy Implementation Success: Useful Tips Backed by Research

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Forget about implementing the strategy. The word 'implementation' is misleading. To succeed, a strategy requires commitment, involvement and even creativity. Read the best tips backed by research.

Strategy implementation is often considered the most challenging part of the strategy development process. Successful strategy implementation requires more than just a communication plan. It requires engagement, involvement, and a culture of innovation and teamwork.

In this blog, we will look at important pieces of advice on how to succeed in strategy implementation, based on studies and best practices.

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Start strategy implementation early-on

If you are planning a strategy implementation, you could be already too late. One of the most common reasons why implementation fails is because employees are not engaged or involved in the strategy process right from the start. When employees feel involved and invested in the process, they have a sense of ownership of the strategy from the beginning.

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Involve your customers and other stakeholders

Avoid the corner room syndrome. By involving your customers, their insights and feedback can help to refine the strategy and can help to create a more solid and robust strategy that is easier to implement due to increased buy-in. Strong emphasis on your customer´s voice increases the credibility of the strategy in the eyes of the employees.

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Focus on engagement

Effective communication is essential for successful strategy implementation. But it is not enough. Strategy implementation should be a fun and interactive experience that motivates employees to work towards the strategy's success. This requires creative methods. For example, a gamified session can help employees visualize the impact of the strategy and their role in its implementation.

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Turn big goals into small action points

One common hurdle is that there are not enough resources to achieve the strategic goals. This can cause frustration and demotivation, leading to a lack of engagement in the strategy implementation from the start. It is often helpful to break down big strategic goals into smaller, more manageable action points. By doing this together, employee input can help to ensure that the action points are realistic.

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Define progress together

Defining the metrics for measuring progress should be a collaborative effort between the management and the employees. When employees are involved in the process of setting performance metrics, they are more likely to be invested in achieving them. This approach can also create a sense of accountability and transparency, improve engagement and motivation, and lead to a more successful strategy implementation. In addition, employees can feel that they are contributing to the overall success of the strategy.

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The five tips summarized for implementing a strategy based on learnings from case studies and research. Save the picture for later!

CASE Southwest Airlines: Strategy implementation is all about engagement and even fun

Case study strategy implementation southwest airlines

One example of a company that has successfully implemented its strategy is Southwest Airlines. Southwest's strategy was to provide low-cost, no-frills airline service to underserved markets. To implement this strategy, the company involved its employees in the process and created a unique company culture that emphasized teamwork and a fun, friendly attitude.

This approach not only helped the company achieve its strategic goals but also contributed to its success as a company. Today, Southwest Airlines is one of the most successful and profitable airlines in the world, with a reputation for exceptional customer service and employee engagement.

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